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Public Safety Drone FAQ's

1Are Drones Legal to use for Public Safety Agencies ?
Drones are legal to fly. In short, drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) are currently considered an "Aircraft" by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Even though small, drones must be registered and pilots must be authorized to fly to be in compliance.
2If we have an exigent life safety situation and launch, what will the FAA do ?
For agencies who own a drone but lack 100% compliance with the COA, the FAA is not a law enforcing agency, but rather a regulatory body over the safety of airspace. That being said, their stance in numerous past issues has proven that they indeed support exigent UAV flights during life safety issues. The FAA recommends (as well as FirePoliceDrones) that your agency meet compliance. In fact, we will help!
3What if hobby toy drone operators start flying near my scene?
During emergencies, Incident Commanders (IC's) maintain the right to control what goes in, out, around, and ABOVE an emergency. Law Enforcement has the right to clear the airspace during incidents. Most hobby drone operators easily comply. They do not have the right to enter a private property (that they don't own) and operate during an emergency.
4What is a COA ?
COA's are Certificate's of Authorization that the FAA issues to designated parties to operate aircraft in certain geographical areas during certain times (in most cases). Public Safety Agencies are considered "Public Operators" and are able to attain jurisdictional COA's based on a series of steps. How long does this process take? Quite a while as it stands today, but the FAA is working to ensure easier methods of allowing Fire & Police professionals to gain access to life saving technology.

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